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About Us

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Positive Impact is part of UK based Global Group of Companies, that is providing products and services for over a decade to its diversified clients across the globe, including Pakistan. Our expert team of highly qualified professionals has worldwide delivered success stories to enrich your organization, employees and processes.

And …..

We aim to be a market leader in our areas of expertise such as Training and Development, Consultancy, and Event Management. Our professional pool of national and international trainers help build organisations skill levels with focused approach to improve human capital’s capacities and optimization of their inherent capabilities. Our programmes are recognised internationally and executed through expert networks, academia and institutes based in UK.

Leadership …..

is DNA of an organisation that shapes, develops and make an organisation Fit for purpose and sustainable. It is a foundation that develops a culture, attitude and values of an organisation that leads to its success. We believe empowering an organisation with the core principles and physiognomies of leadership are key for success. We collaborate with organisations to transform their executives into LEADERS, and through this journey empower the individuals to break glass ceiling.

Our development …..

programmes are unique because these are based on Impact analysis to ensure they bring Positive Impact. Our team transforms the work force with “can do” attitude and skills to release full potential. Our programmes, unlike traditional leadership training provide a multi-dimensional development of individuals and organisations. We provide a paradigm to innovative and evolve leaders. Our team support your organisation to devise a strategy, develop systems, and comply with legislative and quality standards


Subject Experts

Our subject experts are perceptive, knowledgeable, and have wealth of experience to share and benefit individuals and organisations. They deliver the subject topics with a professional flair and robust techniques. They are trained to modern methodologies and interventions to engage and transform the behavior, practices and attitudes. The versatility and professionalism of our experts is a reflection of their International and Cross organisational experience to cover almost all aspects of the modern business, ranging from leadership to Governance and CSR. Our experts can be pulled together to deliver a bespoke programme based on the requirements of the organisation.


Acknowledging the responsibility to contribute towards communites, we have a well-established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. We have strong ethos to our CSR , to support the wider communites to achieve greener environment, healthy and safe working conditons. We contnuouslystrive for initatves that comply with the spirit of law and Internatonal norms on delivery of Social Standards. Ethics and sustainable Social norms are paramount to all our business functons. We are committed to CSR beyond statutory requirement and believe on the impact we can create for social good. We believe on engraving a positve impact on our Users, Employees, Investors, Partners and wider communites.

Our Partners

We work with academia, industry experts, Institutes, Trade bodies and other organisations. We have partnered with the organisations to ensure a system is in place to continuously appraise our services, benchmark and improve our standards.

We offer a range of modules; some of our comprehensive programs are accredited by the institutes below

Cambridge Professional Academy   

Established in 2002, Cambridge Professional Academy are leading global providers of internationally recognised qualifications in Sales (ISM), Marketing (CIM), Management (CMI) and Digital Marketing (DMI) as well as providing bespoke training for multi-national businesses such as Siemens, BP, Virgin, Vodaphone and BT.

Through their expansive global partnership initiative Cambridge Professional Academy have helped international partners launch qualifications in 16 countries across 3 continents providing a level of technology, support and delivery unmatched in their field.

Institute of Leadership & Management

70,000 people join Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) every year to take benfit of the best managemnt and leadership qualifications.ILM not only specialises in Leadership and management qualifications but also run coaching and mentoring programs . To find out more please visit ILM website today

Institute of Sales Management

The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) is the worldwide representative body for salespeople. Founded in 1911, the ISM has been the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standardsfor over 100 years. Whether you are beginning a career in sales or you have been working for some time, there is a righ course for yourself. To find out more , visit the ISM website today.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is the World’s largest and well established professional body for marketing courses with over 50,000 members. As a centre of excellence its qualifications are recognised worldwide. CIM offer varying levels of professional marketing qualifications for eveyone. To find out more , visit the CIM website today.

Our Story…..

Positive Impact is evolved from a vision of passionate and highly qualified professionals met through a Leadership Programme in UK. This was a National Programme in UK for a Public-Sector body where these individuals were chosen to enhance and share their experience from different walks of life.

Positive Impact team …..

share a common vision, wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired through a successful career pathway. Each member of this group has a story to tell for transforming the teams into successful teams. Their passion and attitude towards breaking through people’s potential created Positive Impact, and provided a portal for people to embark on a venture aimed at life changing journey.

And …..

Their next destination was to share what they have learned which created a platform to design a pathway for a successful leadership. The platform was consolidated on the building blocks of belief in excellence, effectiveness, and co-prosperity of the workforce and society. The journey started with the emergence of our alliance with expert organisations, network of leaders working towards youth coaching, women empowerment and capacity building.

The People …..

The people working at Positive Impact are continuously sharing their legacy to transform individuals into leaders and organisations into evolving and Innovative organisations.

About us

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