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All our Bespoke programs are partnered with the organisation , where they can list the specifications aligned to their needs and Positive Impact Team experts will provide a bespoke package of relevant Consultancy and Training services.

All over the world most of the professionals go through a formalised simulation training for example pilots use simulators before flying a plane, Driving test include simulation scenario and responsiveness, first aider use dummies for resuscitation. These techniques are proven all over the world , to provide an opportunity for professionals to be able to identify a situation, face a situation and respond using skills and techniques. We use the Business Simulation as a technique for training, education and empowering decision makers. It provides an opportunity for realistic and engaging learning experience, stimulating skill application.We create scenarios using real life cases faced by corporate leaders to develop business acumen.

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A portal in real time or virtual world can be created where executives can share their experience and share learning. It will create peer to peer learning support and provide action learning set.

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